Easy Livin' Pool Package

Want a pool that is an attractive showpiece AND affordable?

AND low maintenance, durable and inexpensive to operate?

AND at the price of the most basic entry level pool?

Now you can with our Easy Livin' Pool Package!!

Our unique Easy Livin' Pool concept is the culmination of over 25 years in the pool/spa industry designing, building, and most importantly, owning and maintaining swimming pools. This pool concept is an attractive, year-round water feature that can be integrated right into your backyard living area. It includes a poolside seat bench, sheer descent waterfall and attractive stone and tile finishes that come standard.

Why the Easy Livin' Pool? Pricing & Features Options How is it possible?

What makes this pool so amazing?

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This out-of-the-box design with a raised bond-beam water feature is part of a well thought out, complete pool that integrates beautiful design features into a simple, reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost swimming pool.

This pool concept has been designed to be the lowest cost, easiest pool to own and maintain, year after year. We achieve this through two important design features;

  1. A pool that is built out of ground will stay cleaner than a traditional pool for the simple reason that most dirt/debris that enters a pool is blown along the ground and into the pool by the wind. Our slightly raised design reduces the amount of debris that get into your pool - less dirt in the water is less maintenance for you!!
  2. The equipment is directly behind to the pool. The importance of this cannot be overstated. A short plumbing run will reduce friction in the piping and save more on electrical cost and wear than even the most efficient pool pump (which is standard on this pool by the way). The idea of locating the equipment behind the raised bond beam on top of an out-of-ground pool is a purposeful effort to create the most efficient pool filtration/circulation system available at any price! This will reduce your electricity use more than anything else you can do. Locating the equipment behind the raised pool water feature keeps the equipment away from the house for noise reduction, hidden from view without the need for a screen wall, and next to the pool for unparalleled efficiency!

This complete package is only $28,000!!

This price includes:

  • All plans/engineering/permits in Pima County (other municipalities may have additional costs)
  • Out-of-ground forming and standard excavation/dirt removal (dump truck access to the pool required)
  • 25 ft long by 12 ft wide linear pool design with 4 ft long "cut-corners" (this design helps the water circulation to keep the costs down)
  • 66 linear ft of pool perimeter and 288 sq ft of surface area / 3 ft to 5 ft pool depth and a lagoon shelf seating area
  • 18 inch above grade finished "seat bench" pool edge height
  • 6 linear ft of 6 inch high, 6 linear ft of 12 in high and 10 linear ft of 18 in high raised bond beam with matching pool tile on the front face, travertine cap and stucco finish at the back of the pool (total height 36in above grade)
  • 12 inch wide travertine cap around the entire pool perimeter (standard size/color selection)
  • Standard selection ledgestone at the raised vertical face between the ground and the travertine cap around 3 sides
  • 6 in x 6 in waterline tile around the pool perimeter and at the raised bond beam face (standard selection)
  • Stonescapes minipebble interior pool finish (standard color selection)
  • Entry steps inside the pool and an 8 in high step outside of the pool
  • 24 inch wide sheer descent water feature at the raised bond beam with a 3-way valve at the equipment area
  • 3.0 HP intelliflo variable speed/flow pump and a 320 sq ft cartridge filter
  • Equipment set behind the water feature wall (4 ft distance between the waterline and backwall is required)
  • U-3 skimmer and auto-fill float located at the pool equipment area
  • Auto-fill with anti-syphon valve at the hose bib and 20 ft run from the pool edge
  • Ultra efficient 2 in plumbing with all 90 degree sweep fittings
  • Kreepy Kruiser cleaner with a dedicated suction port and 3-way valve
  • 3 high/1 low wall returns designed to optimize pool circulation
  • 500 watt pool light with gfci outlet and quality Lutron remote switch
  • All Pentair equipment with full factory warranties (3 year)
  • Lifetime warranty on the pool shell
  • Minimum 2 year full warranty on all work
  • Initial chemical balance and operating instructions
  • Telescoping pole, leaf rake and broom, test kit and chlorine floater
  • Complete clean-up of construction debris, haul away all extra materials, fill in trenches and rake out all disturbed areas
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Available Options

There are many options available. As part of our completely transparent, up-front pool pricing, we have a complete list of all available options that we would be happy to e-mail to you upon request - simply call or text your email address to (520-403-8960) or e-mail us.

How is such a great price possible?

How can we offer such a value-filled complete pool package at this unbeatable price?

  1. Pleasure Pools has exclusive, reusable steel out-of-ground forms. We save you thousands of dollars off of what would be a very expensive upgrade by most pool companies, and previously was only done on high-end, luxury pools.
  2. Because we build so many pools, we get volume purchasing prices on the stone finish products
  3. This is a design our highly skilled, in-house masonry crews are used to installing and can do in an efficient, professional manner, over and over again!
  4. Our unique design has cost savings built-in – by placing the equipment behind the water feature we save the cost of additional plumbing and there's no need to try to hide the equipment.
tucson bar-b-que and outdoor kitchen
tucson bar-b-que and outdoor kitchen

What's the downside?

While we can build any custom pool at a competitive price, this pool concept at this incredibly low price does have some design limitations. For example, to change to a rounded, free-form design would require us to build custom-shaped forms only to be used one time. A free-form design also requires us to cut each piece of travertine at the cap into a "pie-shaped" piece to install on a curved top resulting in considerable additional build costs.

Contact us today to see how we can customize your Easy-Livin' Pool.