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Pleasure Pools & Landscaping offers the best designs for spa and pool installation in Tucson, Arizona, at the lowest prices. We can also take care of all of your pool and spa remodeling needs. When you need a swimming pool contractor, call Pleasure Pools.

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New Pool Construction

You can beat the heat this summer with a cool pool for you and your family. We provide complete residential new pool and spa installation, from initial design and construction start-up through the extended warranty period. If you have moved into a new home and you want a pool, we can help.

We Specialize in Projects on the East Side/Vail/Corona De Tucson Areas

If you live in Vail, chances are some of your friends have already worked with us. Word-of-mouth is the measure of our success, and we have become the go-to pool company in the Vail/Corona De Tucson area. Check out our gallery or contact us today to talk about your project.

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Pricing & Features

August 2020 Pricing

A complete installation on a lighted 25-foot long by 12-foot wide by 5-foot deep linear pool, including all designs, plans, and permits, for only $28,400.

This package includes:

  • Up to 74lin ft perimeter and 325 sq ft surface area
  • 3ft to 5ft or 3ft to 5ft to 4ft depth profile
  • Normal excavation with 10ft 6in access required- dump truck must be able to get to the pool area
  • Entry steps and bench
  • 3.0hp variable speed pump with programmable harddrive
  • 320 sq ft cartridge filter
  • Rebel Cleaner with dedicated suction port
  • Equipment set with 20ft plumbing run to pool
  • Lifetime warranty on the pool shell
  • 500 watt pool light and lutron remote switch
  • Gfci outlet and up to 50 lin ft of electric runs
  • All Pentair equipment with full factory warranties (3 years)
  • Mini pebble interior finish with choice of standard colors
  • Auto-fill with anti-siphon valve and 20 ft run
  • 6-inch Waterline Tile - large standard selection
  • 12 inch travertine cantilever edge or 12in wide colored concrete/Kooldeck around entire pool
  • Complete Start-up Kit and operating instructions
  • Including a pole, broom, net and test kit and initial chemical balance
  • Complete clean up of all construction debris and fill in trenches and rake out all disturbed areas
  • Minimum 2 year complete warranty on all work

This pricing is for Pima County. Limited access charges, extra utility runs and barrier compliance are not included in this pool installation package. Any and all custom features can be added as follows.

Extra Charges by City and Area

City of Tucson $800.00
Marana $800.00
Sahuarita $1,200.00
Oro Valley $1,400.00
Green Valley and Saddlebrooke add 8% to total price

Wall Replacement and Access Charges

Take down and replace the block wall for access - no stucco $800.00
Add stucco finish for the wall replacement (painting not included) $200.00
Rake back landscape rocks and restore after the completion of the pool 80ยข per sq ft
Cost of limited access charges - bobcat shuttle to dump trucks in the street
• Minimum 6ft 8in access
• Minimum 5ft 3in access
• Minimum 3ft 8in access
• Over 75' from pool to street add

$6 per linear ft.

Add an Attached Spa

A Complete 6ft diameter Spa and 400,000btU Heater with 50-foot Gas Line, 4 therapy jets, waterline tile/mini-pebble finish to match the pool, 18in wide spillway, 100watt light and 20ft of plumbing runs $8,300.00
Raise spa to 12in above the level of the pool and add a tile face where it meets the pool, decking cap to match the pool, stucco finish around the raised vertical face and a check valve at the equipment $1,400.00
Add infloor cleaning heads to the spa (usually 5) at $150.00 per head $750.00
Increase to 7' diameter spa add $300.00

Electric Upgrades

Upgrade to an Intellicenter auto-control system that can operate all of the pool/spa features from any smart device $2,900.00
Add Pentair Salt Generator to an Intellicenter additional $800.00
Add Intellicenter auto-control and salt generator for pool only $2800.00
Add Breeze Salt Generator only $1800.00
Add Pentair Bioshield UV Sanitizer $1200.00
Upgrade to 3 Globrite Lights in pool with transformer (includes 25' of electic run per light) $1200.00
Upgrade to #6 wire from the main panel and add a sub-panel/gfci breaker for a portable spa $100.00 + $2.00 per foot
Upgrade to an intellibright LED light (Lutron remote switch) $500.00
All extra electric runs over the first 50 linear feet $5.00 per linear foot

In-floor Cleaning/Plumbing Runs

Upgrade to infloor cleaning system with 6-port actuator valve and up to 12 of the newest venturi style cleaning heads $2,500.00
Extra cleaning heads as needed for the pool and spa design $150.00 per cleaning head
Over 20ft of plumbing runs from the equipment to the pool $10.00 per linear foot
Over 20ft of plumbing runs from the equipment to the spa $10.00 per linear foot
Gas line run over 50 ft to the heater $10.00 per linear foot
Add 250,000 BTU pool heater and 50' of gas line $3,200
Add 2 basic deck jets and 100' of 3/4" plumbing, Jandy valve and 2 ball valves $600

Increase Pool Size and Decking

Increase pool size

For example; a pool size of 28 ft long x 14 ft wide rectangular pool would be 84 linear feet of perimeter (10 ft extra linear feet x $100.00 = $1000.00) and 392 sq ft of surface area ( 67 sq ft extra x $18.00 = $1,206.00) - total increase in price: $2,206.00

$120.00 per linear foot of perimeter
+ $25 per sq ft of surface area
No upgrade charge for concrete, Kooldeck or concrete overlay decking on a rounded/free-form pool design. No charge
Travertine or pavers Additional $10 per linear foot
Increase maximum depth to 6ft - includes the rebar surcharge to go to a 6in grid and a 4ft seat bench (required for code) $1,000.00
Increase maximum depth to 7ft - includes the rebar surcharge to go to a 6in grid and a 4ft seat bench (required for code) $1,800.00
Increase maximum depth to 8.5ft - includes the rebar surcharge to go to a 6in grid and a 4ft seat bench (required for code) $2,600.00
Additional acrylic overlay over new concrete Additional $11 per sq foot
Additional acrylic overlay over existing concrete Additional $4.50 per sq foot (does not include cost of crack repair)
Traditional Kooldeck (any standard color) Additional $10.00 per sq ft
Additional travertine decking $11.00 per sq ft
Additional colored concrete $9.00 per sq ft
Non-tumbled pavers $9.00 per sq ft
Free-form outer edge $5.00 per linear ft

All other upgrades by bid.


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